Bathing beauties.

Several weeks ago (yes, I am that far behind on my posts – summertime slacking), I purchased a basket of these gorgeous purple baby artichokes on my way out of the farmer’s market simply because they were too pretty to resist. I don’t cook artichokes all that often because the preparation seems so labor-intensive, but these babies were crying out to me, and the gazillion other bags of produce I was already holding couldn’t stop me from buying them. I took them home, trimmed them oh-so-slightly, and peeled away the few tough outer leaves (Agh! Such waste! It was a travesty to toss them away, but I didn’t know what else to do with them). They then relaxed in a fragrant lemon juice and water bath, a brief beauty treatment to help maintain their lovely-hued complexion before hittin’ the hot tub.

Not that all this pampering mattered in the end; once cooked, the vibrant color faded away. I followed this recipe for preparing them and served it alongside crispy chicken cutlets. Scrumptious.



  1. j Said:

    You know, for my money, there isn’t enough use of the word, “scrumptious.”

    Although, to be honest, it looks kinda dirty.

  2. justvv Said:

    I am afraid to click on any of the “Possibly related posts”

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    Bathing Beauty
    Saudi Bathing Beauties
    Bathing Beauties in Northern Michigan

  3. solmster Said:

    Ack! I don’t get those “possibly” related posts that generate; hrm, better make a better choice of words next time!

  4. Jiji Said:

    i don’t get it…..why don’t you guys weigh a thousand pounds? chicken cutlets, fried cheese, shrimp boats…..daham! i go to lunch now

  5. lil j Said:

    hey –
    i’m getting hungry over here. i’ve been eating the same thing for a month. a man can’t live on artichokes alone!

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