Shrimp boat.

I suspected that I had officially gone off the deep end when I found myself googling around for hot dog bun recipes a few weeks back. I couldn’t tell you how it came up – I don’t even think we had hot dogs in the house at the time, and it’s not like I’m some snob about store-bought buns (though the infamous discrepancy between the quantity of packaged hot dogs and quantity of packaged buns still baffles me, but let’s veer away from tangents for now). At around the same time, I was struck by a craving for a shrimp salad sandwich in the style of a lobster roll (I’ve never even had a lobster roll, just seen some great photos of them), since I had a bag of frozen shrimp waiting to be used for something other than the usual stirfry.

I got going on the rolls first. I found an easy recipe for the buns, which can be used for dogs or burgers or cheesesteaks or whatever, and got crackin’. Oh. My. Gahd. These buns were so supple, so pillowy, and the absolute devil coming out of the oven and straight into my belly with some sweet cream butter. These buns freeze beautifully and you can bake ‘em up in any shape, and the dough is easy to handle, too.

For the shrimp salad, I used a one-pound bag of frozen jumbo uncooked, unshelled shrimp (Trader Joe’s frozen shrimp is pretty awesome, and not too hard on the wallet). I must not have ever boiled shrimp before, because I would have recalled that you can smell up the entire kitchen in doing so. Anyway, the salad was simple enough: about ¼ cup of good mayo, a teaspoon or so of Old Bay seasoning, ¾ cup of chopped celery, salt, pepper, lemon juice and Tabasco to taste. The cooled rolls were split down the top, lined with cold, crisp romaine lettuce, and filled to the brim with the chunky shrimp mixture. I inhaled two of these “shrimp rolls” within ten minutes. Belch-erific.



  1. j Said:

    Thank $#@!ing Pete you finally got around to posting this sandwich tale. I mean, frick; I was about to eat my hat.

    That bit about the “devil comin’ out of the oven” like to got me up and running around; eating one of these babies was like a dream in a Sunday-go-to-meetin’ bun.


  2. justvv Said:

    Wow, making your own buns, that thought has never even crossed my mind. But it sounds delish. Any shot a couple make it on to the carry-on?

    Btw, elleffe has me churning out ice cream every weekend now. Got the book you recommended, it is really great.
    Started off with peach ice cream on request, but peaches weren’t ripe enough.
    Just finished a batch of fresh mint ice cream. I am so proud of it, it is so yummy, i’ve been bragging about it to everyone I know. And then I read you make your own buns, so i’ll shut up.

  3. solmster Said:

    justvv – you’re a cracker. i’ll be expecting some of that mint ice cream, too 🙂

    j – i think you’d better put out the fire on your head. 😛

  4. j Said:

    …sadly, it’s just a brush-fire.

    And I can’t help it – I’m just HUNGRY when I read this stuff. Sheesh. Oh, and yeah, I’m in for some of justvv’s ice cream. Flavor doesn’t matter. Bring it.

  5. justvv Said:

    I will try to save some of the mint ice cream before elleffe takes the whole thing down.
    Next up on my ice cream wish list is the lemon-speculoos one. I have great memories of speculoos but not sure where to find it here. My friend’s mom is visiting from Belgium in Sep and I already ordered a boat load.
    Which would go well with the BAG of lemons I got when the last recipe called for “some fresh lemon juice” (hey, they didnt have any singles!)

  6. solmster Said:

    what in smorgasbord’s name is a speculoos????

  7. justvv Said:

    It’s a cookie. It crumbles very easily so I can see how it would be delicious in ice cream.
    As kids, we got these for Saint-Nicolas, although now you can get them year-round. They’re also delicious with bread and a bunch of butter, mmmmm.
    I’m sure you will somehow find a recipe and you will make your own homemade speculoos (we actually call it speculaas, but what’s an o over an a) and then i’ll be all jealous all over again.

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