Meet King Cuke. Proudly perched on his leafy throne wearing his gold crown and sporting a stiff, medieval ‘stache (or is it more Yosemite Sam style?), loyal jester at his side, he oversees the growth and progress of his vegetable subjects as summer presses on.

He sees that there are a great number of blossoms appearing on the eggplant plants, which (coincidentally) are the Little Prince variety from Renee’s Garden. Eggplants are a point of contention around these parts, since I absolutely adore them and Housemate J. would rather eat a sponge. Being that it looks as though we’ll be in for a good harvest of these purple globes, I say J.’s out of luck. You just can’t beat the rich, silky texture of a properly grilled or roasted eggplant!

His Majesty also notices that the bush beans, sowed about a month or so ago, are coming up at a rapid pace. I am pretty excited about seeing these beans finally emerge – slender swords of spring green preceded by a lovely lavender-hued flower. When there is a sizable harvest, I plan on cooking up a simple and tasty side dish of sauteed green beans with crispy bacon and caramelized onions. Mmmm, that would be perfect with a simple roast chicken.

Last but not least, the cherry tomatoes are thriving and there is always enough ripe fruit to toss into our salads or pasta dishes at any given moment. These plump, juicy, supersweet cherries, especially delicious simply sprinkled with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, are indispensible in the realm of the small garden.

King Cuke’s domain is prosperous, and he is immensely pleased.



  1. Laura Said:

    King Cuke sounds like a great character in a children’s story — instead of illustrations, you could use photos of real vegetables from your garden, all dressed up for the scene. It would be a perfect marriage of food and fancy!
    I love your site — I check it every day!

  2. justvv Said:

    Can you plant these in our backyard when you’re visiting us?
    Oh, and while you’re at it, can you cook? 🙂
    And maybe some of those drinks, WITH vodka please.
    And maybe some fresh bread?
    And those breakfast sandwiches, mmmm.

  3. j Said:

    But my breakfast sandwich was the best, right? C’mon, VV, you know you LOVE bacon.

  4. justvv Said:

    who said you can only eat 1 sandwich…

  5. j Said:

    Nice one. I like how you think.

  6. elleffe Said:

    i dunno…. can you get all the ingredients to make a NY style bacon-egg-chz in CA? I might have to go with the SoCal new wave rendition.

  7. T neighbor Said:

    I just picked the first two ripe full-sized tomatoes and tossed them with fresh mozzarella, basil, drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper… served with crack bread (aka par baked baguette) from TJs. Yummy! The tomatoes were perfect. Sweet, acidic, fleshy. Now I remember why we started this garden. The cherry tomatoes are good of course, but it’s impossible to find a decent large tomato like these anywhere in this state.

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