A tale of two breakfasts.

Homemade biscuits were the order of the morning last wednesday. I don’t know what possessed me to turn on the oven at 9 o’clock in the a.m., but I went with the flow. It actually took no time at all to whip these up because I have gotten into the habit of pre-mixing the dry ingredients of baked goods recipes (wheat bread, pancakes, cornbread, etc.) and storing them in plastic containers in the freezer. I highly recommend this timesaver; I usually store two or three containers of a few favorite recipes, which lasts us a while. Then, whenever the mood strikes, all I have to do is throw in the wet ingredients and bake off. Easier ‘n pie.

My original intended accompaniment for the biscuits was simply butter and some apricot jam. Along with a hot cup of strong black coffee, what could be better? Being no fan of jam, Housemate J had a different agenda. Driven by an unwavering obsession with breakfast sandwiches (he apparently hasn’t found a satisfactory one since we left NYC), he set off on what amounted to an hour-long kitchen frenzy (i.e. too many dirty dishes to count) for the ultimate handheld breakfast. The resulting masterpiece was a scrumptious compact omelet layered with ooey-gooey melted cheddar and jack cheeses, partnered with many slices of thick Niman Ranch bacon (you can find this awesome bacon at Trader Joe’s) and stacked between a split, warm, golden biscuit. Perfection indeed.

The pressure was on. Now I had to dream up something a heck of a lot more sophisticated than just butter and jam (plus, he was taking so long making his sandwich that I got bored and had to make one for myself!). Being that I am sort of a fanatic about sweets, my project was to make a breakfast sandwich to satisfy the dessert-lover in me. Since I had a boatload of strawberries on hand that were not very tasty (another generous produce endowment from my fruit-obsessed mother), I sliced and macerated some in a few shakes of sugar, then placed the syrupy fruit on a thick bed of mascarpone cheese smeared on a warm biscuit. A breakfast strawberry shortcake of sorts, and quite delicious!



  1. Jiji Said:

    man! where do you guys find the time for all this?? oinkers!

  2. j Said:

    Now, THAT’s the post I’ve been waiting for. Damn, if ever there was a reason to have a time machine, this is it – that image of the bacon/egg biscuit is just killing me.

    And about the time spent to make this masterpiece? What can I say; efficiency is not one of my many talents.

  3. lil j Said:

    With these kinds of meals, I totally expect j to be in pre-camp monserrat (sp?) shape when he comes back to NY this summer.
    Now the real question….. when you made the breakfast sandwich, did you butter the biscuit?

  4. j Said:

    Ha, ha [wink, wink, nudge, nudge].

    And no, I will definitely NOT be in post “Fat Camp” shape, unless of course that refers to a mythical camp at which one gets fat on purpose.

  5. j Said:

    I was going to make a joke about the “…fruit-obsessed mother” bit, but I thought better of it.

    I leave it, instead, as an exercise for the reader.

  6. mush Said:

    be careful how you speak about mothers – we can still whack you one.

  7. j Said:

    Ah, so She lives! And I thought you were on permanent vacation…

  8. Mitch Said:

    Okay so I think that I might need to try these biscuits..they look so buttery and fattie!

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