Fruity heaven.

My mom is a compulsive fruit buyer. Every time we visit my parents’ house there’s always a flat of some variety of fruit laying around on the kitchen or garage floor – “12-pack of strawberries! Only 23 dollars!” or “Two dozen mangos! Only 6 dollars!”. The Costco mentality is so firmly rooted in her shopping brain. This is where I come in, the beneficiary of all this fruit she has too much of and suddenly realizes she must give away – “Take some! We can’t eat it all!” (oh, ya think?).

A few weekends back, she loaded about ten mangos into a shopping bag and thrust it into my car as I was leaving her house. Even at the rate of one or two mangos a day that Dizzy devoured, we could not manage to eat them fast enough, and before we knew it the last few were looking mighty pathetic. Were they mangos or prunes??? I had to find a good use for them – fast. Well, off to sorbet heaven they go…

I used a simple lime mango sorbet recipe, which is a mixture of simple syrup infused with lime zest, lime juice and pureed mango. I churned it for a mere 15 minutes in the ice cream maker, et voila! Next time I may try it with the splash of tequila suggested in the recipe, just for an extra kick. It was, as a certain someone close to us always says, “DELISH”.

(Note: these were the yellow-skinned mangos that come from Mexico, not the ones with the variegated tones of red/green/orange; I personally find that the yellow ones have a better texture and superior flavor).



  1. epig Said:

    what timing! i just got done wiping my mouth of the saliva that was drooling from it after checking out your pics and now you hit me with desert! i’d tell ya to bring some on sat, but i have a feeling it wouldn’t even have time to melt… i.e. dizzy would probably snake it first. lol.

  2. solmster Said:

    epig – you’d better wipe off your keyboard!! 🙂 harhar!

  3. j Said:

    I’ll have you know that solmster did NOT inform me of the sorbet in the freezer, because – in her words – “…you don’t like mango!”

    To which I responded, “But it’s SORBET!”

    Such is life.

  4. elleffe Said:

    what kind of ice cream maker do you have? I’m thinking of the kitchen aid attachment. that mango sorbet looks delish. I only found out yesterday that there are different types of mangos! I thought the yellow skinned ones were papayas everytime at the fruit vendors.

  5. solmster Said:

    elleffe – I’ve got this Cuisinart basic ice cream maker – it’s good, but not great. If you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer (if you do I envy you!! I’ve got NO counterspace!), I’d totally get the attachment, it’s supposed to be pretty good. I tell ya, there’s nothing like homemade ice cream or sorbet or even fro-yo and it’s seriously easy (if you’re looking for a good ice cream book, check out David Lebovitz’s “Perfect Scoop”)! Also, you must try the yellow-skinned mangos – they’re more tender-fleshed, more like the kind you would get with the Thai sticky rice and mango dessert – mmmmmmm.

  6. justvv Said:

    i knew this blog would be trouble.
    I’ve been able to hold off L. on the ice cream maker attachment.
    but of course she had to see this post.
    thanks solmster…

  7. solmster Said:

    hehe – you can always count on me! 🙂

  8. Mitch Said:

    I vowed to use my ice-cream maker this year! Thank goodness it’s never a bad time for ice-cream in So. Cal!

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