Butter: more is more.

I made risotto for dinner a few days ago using Mark Bittman’s Vegetable Risotto recipe from How to Cook Everything. A few weeks prior to that, I had made an even simpler risotto using Jamie Oliver’s Basic Risotto Recipe. The two recipes were almost alike (after all, it can’t be varied all that much) save for a single, very significant (as far as flavor and texture go) difference: Jamie’s recipe called for 5 TABLESPOONS (yes, my friends, that is more than half a stick) of butter plus a full 4 ounces of grated Parmesan to be stirred into the risotto in the final few minutes before serving; Bittman’s recipe, on the other hand, read “2 tablespoons butter, softened (optional)” be added at the end.

Can you guess which version I (and my fellow diners) preferred? Let me tell you, I should have listened to my gut about using the extra butter called for in Jamie’s recipe, and applied it to Bittman’s; but of course the wanna-be health nut in me fought the gut, and won (nut vs. gut – haha). My conclusion after eating the low-butter version was that yes, it was still tasty, but heck if you’re going whole hog for comfort food, why would you bother to make it lighter OR healthier? So my recommendation is to try Jamie’s recipe (or if you’re really brave, try this recipe – it’s next on my agenda), and dig right in. And don’t forget to unbuckle your pants.

P.S. The risotto in the photo was topped with my first two garden zucchini, fresh off the plant; they were so small and cute! Such a shame to take them away from their momma…



  1. j Said:


    I have to say, though, that Bittman’s recipe was pretty good, at least the way you prepared it; if you’re looking for something to satisfy a heath nut, that’s the ticket. Longer cooking time, too, I think you said.

    But, in all things, butter is the winner. I mean, c’mon.

  2. dietcokegrrl Said:

    It’s Jonas and Tasha’s friend, Doris. Tasha gave me your blog address to check out! I love it!! Can’t wait to try the bread and falafel recipes! Yummy.

  3. solmster Said:

    Welcome, dietcokegrrl! Glad you stopped by!

  4. epig Said:

    i just had a big fat dinner and in looking at all ur pics, i’im getting hungry again. these photos look professional. are you sure we have the same camera or are you using one of joe’s fancy schmancy cameras? well, it looks like it could be in a mag or cookbook. again, as i said before, can i place an order??

  5. j Said:

    Sadly (for me, at least), salami’s skill at photographing food has NOTHING to do with my ready supply of “fancy schmancy” cameras. Kinda makes me feel useless.

    Not to mention the fact that I can’t cook worth a damn.

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