A premature end.

My poor, poor carrots. I had so few that successfully germinated, and then the healthy ones with potential had their hopes dashed by some mysterious nighttime predator – a skunk? a raccoon? a bird? or maybe a very large insect? – who so ruthlessly ripped away at their green tops. Without their formerly lush sprouts of foliage, the carrot roots did not have a chance to grow any larger than the thickness and length of Dizzy’s pinky (if that) – a teeny bite, at most. I had to harvest the little runts and immortalize our first, small yield with a little photo. We shall try you to cultivate you again in the fall…*Sniff*



  1. j Said:

    Ah, whimsical root-vegetable, we hardly knew ye.

  2. T Neighbor Said:

    Wow – I find this weird sitting in the garden reading your blog. It’s awesome, by the way. I am inspired to make the bread that you featured earlier. The pictures are great. Speaking of the turkey stroganoff, I like this recipe from cooking light. It says to serve on rice, but I sometimes serve on egg noodles. (I recommend using extra cream cheese):


    PS – what do we do about the black bottom tomatoes??

  3. solmster Said:

    T Neighbor – Right now, my solution for the black-bottomed tomatoes is to cut them off the plant :). But seriously, I did give them some fish fertilizer – and as an experiment I read about on a gardening blog (yougrowgirl.com), I poured some milk at the base of one of my tomato plants to give it a calcium boost!

    Hmm, turkey stroganoff on rice – verrry interresting. Though I love egg noodles too much!

    J – nice avatar (is that the right term?)

  4. j Said:

    Yup, “avatar” is correct. It was taken in one of my more narcissistic moods, which I seem to have quite often. I was logged-in to WordPress at the time, which I certainly did not mean to be.

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