You CAN have too much sour cream.

I’ve eaten beef stroganoff maybe two, three times in my life, but for some reason it’s always in the back of my mind as something I should eat more. Consisting of buttered egg noodles topped with a creamy, beefy, stewy sauce, it fulfills all the requirements that qualify it as comfort food; well, mostly because it includes one of my favorite things ever – sour cream.

I decided to attempt a turkey version of this dish, since turkey is leaner and more importantly, cheaper. I didn’t have the leftover turkey or gravy that was called for in the recipe (note to self: try this recipe again after Thanksgiving!), but I did have a pack of turkey breasts that were defrosting in the fridge. Anyway, sometimes I get a big head and think I can easily improvise on a published recipe simply by throwing in this for that and just a smidge more of the other thing. It’s a perfectly acceptable and encouraged thing to do – that is how one learns to really cook – and truthfully it doesn’t backfire all that often. In this case, however, I really should have stayed faithful to the recipe, as I consequently ended up with a too sour-creamy sauce (not such a horrible end per se, but sort of the wrong mouthfeel and VERY fattening), that I had to doctor up with faux beef stock that ended up thinning the sauce WAY too much. Argh. There goes stewy.

As an accompaniment to the stroganoff, I prepared sweet and sour cabbage, and again made the mistake of adding something the recipe did not call for; in this case it was caraway seeds, which I like just fine in rye bread or cole slaw but should not have tried to mix into this dish, given its sweeter tendencies.

In the end, the meal turned out to be edible, tasty even. Dizzy inhaled the cabbage, mostly because it was crunchy, sweet and purple – who can resist that?

P.S. Forgive the not-so-great photo. By the time we sat down to din-din, it was getting too dark for pics!


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