Falafel parade.

For weeknight meals, I am trying to make foods that are not too ordinary (pasta with red sauce – blecch), but that don’t require the culinary skills of a seasoned grandmother or five-star chef. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that making falafel was not as exotic or difficult as I assumed it to be. I know, I know – good falafel can be found at numerous holes-in-the-wall for just a few bucks – why bother making them at home? Here’s my answer: it’s actually kinda fun to fry up these babies, grab the crispy nuggets fresh out of the hot oil and pop ’em right in your mouth (well, make sure you blow on them for a few seconds so you don’t burn your face off!). YUM.

I served this to my fellow housemates with minted yogurt sauce (homemade yogurt, garden mint, salt, pepper), whole wheat flatbread and heirloom tomatoes (can’t wait for my tomato harvest) tossed with sea salt and meyer lemon juice (from the tree out back).

Here is a great falafel recipe. I’m hooked. Enjoy.



  1. Mitch Said:

    Okay so you are teasing me now, those look like yummy jalapeno poppers that I would love to devour right now!

  2. j Said:

    If I regularly told people that I got to eat this kind of food almost every night, I suspect they’d either hate me or scoff in disbelief.

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