Mommy, where did I come from?

I’ve realized as I’ve started to garden that I see too many veggies and fruits at the farmer’s market or grocery store whose origins I have absolutely no clue about: how big is the plant it comes from? exactly what part of that plant is edible? would i recognize a baby raspberry plant if i saw one?

I think it’s absolutely fascinating to see a plant grow from a seed the size of one of Dizzy’s boogies (gross!) to the stage where I can pluck something right off and just eat it. Cool, right? I figure it’s pretty useful to have some knowledge of growing food, just so we know what it is we’re putting into our bellies, and also just in case the world explodes and we all have to start from scratch hunting and gathering and such (haha).

This here is a tomato blossom, whose appearance at the start of summer signals you will soon be rewarded with some fresh caprese salad (run, don’t walk, to Trader Joe’s now for their insanely cheap and large and lush basil plants! Only $3.29!)

The blossom soon gives way to perfect little green orbs (and there are little hairs on them; I didn’t know tomatoes were hairy at this stage. does this hair fall off later? Have you ever eaten a hairy tomato?). I think this one looks like it’s got its party hat on.

Here is a strawberry blossom. So pretty on its own, but this too will give way to a yummy ruby fruit. I believe that little cone of yellow-green amid the stamen is what will emerge as the edible morsel.

Here is a zucchini plant hard at work. Soon it will grow so big it’ll need its own bedroom in our home. The leaves on this plant are so large, they could be utilized as umbrellas in light rain. By humans.

See the little zukes? Look closely – they sort of resemble those troll dolls with the crazy hair – harhar.



  1. Jiji Said:

    but…but….but….if the zucchini grows so big….where will dizzy sleep?

  2. Mitch Said:

    Don’t be afraid of the little itsy bitsy hairs…they just fall off!

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