As pretty as any jewel.

Dizzy can hardly contain his excitement at seeing such a nice little strawberry, emerging before his very eyes and just hanging out there waiting to be picked and enjoyed. I keep reminding him on practically an hourly basis that it’s just not ready to be eaten yet, but I’ll have to stop torturing him soon and pick the darned thing already. Little does he know about my plans for him to share it with me – the kid’s gotta learn. I mean, what else can I do, since it IS the only remotely ripe berry growing of the five or so plants I’ve got. Boy do I have new appreciation for the small fruit farmer.


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  1. Mitch Said:

    Stop torturing the kid! The strawberry is truly beautiful and if I was in your back yard you know I would just pick it and eat it and when you noticed it was missing…I’d be like “who could have committed such an atrocious act?”

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